Angela Gartland - PICU Secretary/Administrator

Angela is the lynchpin of the PICU office corridor, the behind-the-scenes Moneypenny to our MI6. She facilitates the flow of information between our 190 staff, organises meeting schedules, arranges patient & family assistance, and deals with minutes, reports, invoices and correspondence. Without her, the service would grind to a standstill.

Jeana Drummond - Housekeeper

Jeana is the "Q" of PICU. From her secure bunker in the PICU Storeroom, she ensures that thousands of pieces of vital clinical supplies are kept up-to-date, on order, on time - as well as enabling our team's requests for new clinical gadgets and machines that go "ping".

Gillian Wylie - ECLS Coordinator

As ECLS Coordinator for the Children's Hospital, Gillian has lead responsibility for managing the coordination and delivery of a nationally funded specialist service for a group of critically ill patients requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) or ventricular assist device (VAD) support. ECLS is delivered in two locations at the hospital: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

ECMO is Gillian's passion and she continually strives to improve the quality of care delivered to our patients and bend the ear of those still requiring any persuasion that ECMO is the ‘Bee’s Knee’s!’ She wasn’t always ECLS Coordinator though, Gillian spent her formative years in England where she trained as an Adult Registered General Nurse before moving back to the motherland and working in the operating theatres at the Southern General Hospital. She converted to Sick Children’s Nursing in 1989 and her first staff post was Yorkhill Ward 2B NICU. Gillian became a senior staff nurse in 1998 and picked up the reins of her career after having had her own babies. She began a specialist BSC in 2004, graduating with distinction before completing a Cardiac Nursing Graduate Certificate again with distinction.

Gillian's ECMO career began somewhat nervously in October 1992 as one of the second group of ECMO Specialists ever trained in Yorkhill, but she quickly found her niche and in 2004 grabbed the opportunity for a secondment to the Coordinator's post. This was made permanent in 2006 and she hasn’t looked back since.

When Gillian is not at work, she is on holiday massively contributing to the Greenhouse Effect (according to Graeme our perfusionist...)