Audit Projects Supported by PICU

Does Guideline Implementation Affect Bedside Practice Regarding Tracheal Suctioning?

Lynne Montgommery, Staff Nurse and Michelle Chalmers, Staff Nurse.


CPAP Provision for Bronchiolitic Children: A Retrospective Audit

Jenna Ballard, Physiotherapist and Dr Richard Levin, Consultant Intensivist.

Improving Human Factors in Picu: Introduction And Subsequent Uptake Of An Airway Safety Checklist

Addin, M.J.; Mccarron, M.; Begg, C.J.


Improving Human Factors in PICU: Staff Perceptions Of An Intubation Safety Checklist

Addin, M.J.; Mccarron, M.; Begg, C.J.

Clinical Utility of ROTEM versus standard laboratory coagulation sampling in the post-operative cardiac patient

Dr Baxter, Dr Combe and Dr Mark Davidson

A retrospective data review of all children with acute kidney injury (AKI) requiring renal replacement (RRT) therapy over a 6 year period from 2006 to 2012 at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Sick Children

Dr N Perry & Dr C Kidson

Normal Development, Positioning and Support: Teaching to Nursing Staff in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Ballard J and Carella E


Anticoagulation monitoring in paediatric extra-corporeal life support - understanding the place for an extended investigation panel.

Kinsella J, Wylie G, Davidson M and McKenzie K


An audit to establish the accuracy of the identification of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia using Intensivist clinical report and electronic data search against that defined by CDC criteria (CDC, 2012).

Spenceley N, Levin R, Macleod I and Maxwell S


An audit to establish the accuracy of event recording in PICU using an electronic clinical information system (CIS)

Macleod I, Maxwell S and Spenceley N


PICU Readmission Project

Moonsammy S, Sasankam N, Bawden M, Perry N and Levin R

Fluconazole use in PICU: A Re-audit

Henderson S and Turner A


An audit examining pressure ulcers in PICU from Jan - Aug 2013

Macleod I, Maxwell S, Meechan M and Rogers A


Rate of VAP in PICU -  July 2013

Brookes D and Levin R


Pharmacokinetic analysis of vancomycin concemtrations and evaluation of dosing guidelines used in PICU

Thomson A, Turner A and Wilson N



An audit to establish the incidence and causes of interruptions during i.v. drug administration in PICU

MacleodI, Maxwell S and Sloan C


Airway skills in PICU

Stephens M, Fairgrieve R


An Audit to Examine the Clinical Utility of NIRS in Patients Undergoing Stage I Norwood Repair

Macleod I, Davidson M and Maxwell S


An audit to establish the impact of implementing SBAAR structure to medical handovers in PICU

Macleod I, Maxwell S, MacFarlane L and Gillis C


A prospective audit of morbidities and quality indicators in PICU

Rodrigues W, Turner A, Spenceley N, Davidson M and Macleod I


Cooling on ECMO post cardiac arrest in PICU

Wylie G and Davidson M


Audit of Pre-Operative Care of Post-Op Cardiac Patients with Liver Injury Needing N-Acetyl Cysteine

Symons J, Rodrigues W, Davidson M, Begg C, McEwan J, Hanson R and Macleod I


RSV Audit 2 - Bacterial Infection as Complication

Duffy G, Davidon M, Turner A and Gillis C


Out of Hours Procedures on PICU

Kole R, Kidson C, and Wilson M


Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infestions in Paediatric Intensive Care - An Audit of Clinical Practice

Turner A and Harvey-Woods K


Invasive Candidiasis in PICU - An Audit of Clinical Practice

Turner A and Harvey-Woods K


Referral rates to PICU before and after introduction of high flow respiratory support in district general hospitals

Gratten R, Stark S, Davidson M, Ballard J, Morrison C, Colvin C and Cunningham C


 PICU use of intravenous immunoglobulin – 2012.

Dr Alastair Turner, Mr Daniel Brookes, Medical Student


PICU Antifungal prophylaxis guideline altered and implemented 2013. Aim to limit fluconazole-resistant Candida species within PICU whilst minimizing risk of invasive candidiasis in high risk patients.

Dr Alastair Turner.


Examining current prescribing of cephalosporins in PICU. Trend towards increasing prescribing noted and action plan under discussion to examine means to reduce this.

Dr Alastair Turner, with Mr Greg Kerr, PICU Pharmacist