When your child is admitted to PICU


Your child may need support from the PICU team if their illness deteriorates to the extent they require extra support for their breathing, heart, kidney, liver or brain. They may also need this support following a surgical procedure.


Your child will be looked after by a team of health professionals who are dedicated to providing Intensive Care to your child. We work together with multiple other teams within the hospital to care for your child.


It can take a bit of time to get your child settled and stable after their admission to PICU. Please be patient with us- we will always aim to get you back to your child’s bedside as soon as possible.


Your child will have a named bedside nurse who will keep you up to date and can answer any questions about the support your child is receiving. There will always be medical staff available in the unit at all times and they will also be happy to keep you updated with information about your child’s care.