A typical day in Paediatric Intensive Care:


Nurses from the night shift report to the day nurses.

7.45am to 8.15am

Your child’s nurse carries out a safety check on equipment and examines your child.

8.00am to 9.00am

RHSC PICU Registrars 2015The doctors, nurse in charge of the shift and other members of the team get together to handover the events of the nightshift, discuss your child’s progress and ongoing treatment. This meeting takes place in a dedicated room in the unit. Following this a Registrar (an experienced junior doctor who is training in children's medicine) is then allocated to look after your child for the day.

Routine X-Rays are taken within the unit where required during this time. 

9.00am to 11.00am

A Patient Safety "huddle" takes place at the staff base, where the doctors and senior nurses identify patients that are giving particular cause for concern and discuss the planned admissions and discharges from ICU that day. Then a Consultant-led ward round is carried out where the management plans for your child’s care over the next 24hrs are made. This is a very quick process which you are welcome to be present for in order to listen to the plans for your child. Multiple members of the team attend the ward round so we can make a clear plan for the day ahead.

The best time to speak to the Consultant or others members of the team is after the ward round when they will be able to give you more time to discuss your questions. 

All day and night

Throughout the day treatments and tests are carried out. Various teams from other specialist departments may visit your child to help in his or her management.

4.00pm to 5.00pm

RHSC PICU handing over a renal patientThe Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant who has cared for your child during the day will handover to the Consultant who is looking after all the children in intensive care overnight, along with the rest of the team of doctors, nurses and any other relevant care givers. This takes place at the bedside with your child’s nurse and the Nurse in Charge and you are encouraged to stay with your child during the ward round.





Staff from the microbiology (bugs and infections) lab visit the unit and discuss with your child’s doctor any new test results that might change which medicines they are being given to treat infection.


Nurses from the day shift hand over the care of your child to the nurse caring for them overnight who then carries out a safety check on equipment and examines your child.

8pm to 9pm

Doctors finishing the day shift update those on duty overnight during the final ward round of the day.

9.30pm to 7.30am

Children are given as much rest as possible but intensive care continues throughout the night. The lights are dimmed and we try to keep the intensive care unit as quiet as possible.