PICU Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy at RHC is provided for a variety of conditions; post-op general surgery, post-op cardiac surgery, neurorehabilitation, burns, respiratory, orthopaedics, major trauma and developmental care. We work alongside the multidisciplinary team to provide patient centred and trauma informed care to help children and their families achieve the recovery and goals that matter to them. This involves breathing exercises, airway clearance, early mobility, age appropriate developmental care and rehabilitation.

Bed-bound, critically unwell patients rapidly lose their muscle mass, strength, fine motor coordination and balance through a lack of use. This also impacts on physical factors like cardiac and lung function, and delays recovery of their previous level of ability. It also impacts negatively on things like pain control and mental health.
Move on Ventilation Early (MoVE) was an early mobility initiative started in 2018. The main aims of this initiative were for every appropriate child to have mobility goals to achieve each day with their families, with the purpose of encouraging pro-active rehabilitation from critical illness. The initiative is adapted depending on the condition of each child ranging from in bed activity to mat play or walking. This pilot was well received by children, families and staff and continues to evolve as the service requires.